Making Democracy Work

Programs & Accomplishments

Kern County League of Women Voters

Observe ~ Advocate ~ Educate ~ Vote

Observer Programs

Based on the principle that elected officials need to be kept aware that they are held publicly responsible and accountable for decisions with which the voters have entrusted them.

  • Bakersfield City Planning Commission
  • Bakersfield City Council
  • Kern County Planning Commission
  • Kern County Board of Supervisors
  • Local Area Formation Commission (LAFCO)

Advocacy Programs

Based on issues which the League has studied extensively, and on which members have agreed through informed and open discussion and consensus.

  • Advocated for passage of Measure E to ban the importation of sludge into Kern County, 2006
  • Advocated for passage of Measure I to meet Kern County's transportation needs
  • Authored, advocated for, and obtained qualifying signatures for the Kern County Campaign Finance ordinance approved by voters in 2002
  • Represents the LWV on the Kern Transportation Foundation and the Kern County Citizens for Quality Transportation Committee
  • Testified on behalf of public concerns regarding environmental impacts of megadairies
  • Testified on behalf of public concerns regarding environmental and transportation impacts of the Tejon Ranch Corporation distribution center
  • Testified on behalf of public concerns regarding environmental and transportation impacts of the Tejon Ranch Corporation's planned 24,000 home development adjacent to Interstate 5 and Los Angeles County
  • Twice requested Tejon Ranch Corporation to provide a master plan for development of its 300,000 acres
  • Spoke in opposition to eliminating public hearings before the Bakersfield Planning Commission prior to draft EIRs on development projects
  • Supported institution of traffic mitigation impact fees on new development in Bakersfield and Kern County

Educational Programs

Based on the principal that democratic government depends upon informed and active participation of its citizens.

  • Holds public education forums on topics such as the state treasury, megadairies, air quality, and the role of justices serving the Kern County Superior Court
  • Participates annually in the celebration of Law Day as a co-sponsor of forums on topics such as Brown vs Board and The American Jury
  • Sponsored a California First Amendment Coalition workshop on the Brown Act(open government) attended by over 100 elected officials and staffs from county, city, school and special districts
  • Researched the governance and funding of colleges within the Kern Community College District and the West Kern Community College District as part of the LWVC study on the California Community College System
  • Participates annually in a broad-based coalition sponsoring annual International Women's Day events to honor foreign-born women who've made significant contributions to the region in healthcare, education, business, law & government, and community service
  • Celebrated Women's Equality Day: State Assembly and School District Officials discussed their campaigns as women in office - August 26 of each year is designated in the United States as Women's Equality Day. Instituted by Rep. Bella Abzug and first established in 1971, the date commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment, the Woman Suffrage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave U.S. women full voting rights in 1920

Voter Services

Based on helping all citizens become informed about national, state and local governments, important issues, and the many ways each can effectively influence government.

  • Teaches "Both Sides of the Ballot" as an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute class through CSU Bakersfield's Extended University
  • For each election, distributes thousands of Easy Readers and Pros & Cons on the ballot issues
  • Presents to requesting groups in Bakersfield and outlying communities Pros & Cons of ballot measures
  • Reached all Latino voters aged 18-23 in Kern County with a direct mail Get Out the Vote campaign financed by a LWVUS Educational Fund grant and corporate contributions
  • Moderates and/or sponsors state, county, city, school district, special district and mayoral recall candidate forums prior to elections
  • Monitors Associated Students, Inc. elections at CSU Bakersfield
  • Maintains with local candidate and ballot issues information for Kern County voters
  • Registers voters and distributes voter information at supermarkets, at CSU Bakersfield, and other venues