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Helping Each Other

Find out how to get involved and help in ways which match your interests and needs.

What We Can Do For You!

Invite us to your organization...

We can moderate a candidate forum, election, or present Pros and Cons just before an election.

We will meet any group of voters anywhere: at your workplace, your organization's meeting site, your place of worship, community center, school and other.

For more information or to make requests, please call the League Line at 661-634-3773 Or visit our Contact Us page.

Visit About the League to learn more!

What Can You Do!

You can support the league with your valuable time!

...I don't have extra time...

Membership is guilt free! Joining means you can participate as much or as little as you like. Your commitment can always be adjusted to meet the needs of your life. Many members choose to support the League only with their annual dues.

Your membership alone gives us the political influence needed to build a voice for citizens and a force for change!

...what do I get...

You automatically become a member of LWV California and LWV of the United States.

You will receive their publications along with the newsletter from the Kern County League of Women Voters called Kern Voter, which is usually published 6 times each year.

You will have the knowledge that you are adding your voice to a powerful force of members from all 50 states, Washington DC, the Virgin Islands, and Hong Kong.

...where do I sign up!

Visit our Join LWV page to find out!

...I'd like to help but cannot join yet...

We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that survives off membership and donations from the community. If you would like to support us, click here.

Action Alerts!

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VC Action Alerts on hot issues will soon be a reality. In addition, please urge all your members to visit the Online Communications Center to sign up and/or change their preferences. (While there, they can also sign up for LWVC News, Smart Voter News, and Easy Voter News, and indicate their interest in League priority issues.)

This is not for League only! Interested members of your community are welcome and encouraged to sign up to receive League communications.

Kern LWV Programs & Accomplishments!

To learn about what the Kern LWV has done and what we are working on, visit our Action page.